The Mole Man is a villian in the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes series and he first appears in De-Mole-Ition . He is voiced by Paul Dobson.


Mole man is one of the most ugliest and oldest villians in the series.He is short and overweight. He has a wrinkly face covered in warts with spiky, black hair. along with that he wears a ragged scarf and cape and brown gloves with black nails coming out.


Mole Man is a rather simple foe to the FF but he can be vicious and unpredictible at times but whenever it comes to the outside world and the people, he disgusts it and would put a stop to human life.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Mole Man weilds a septar which can generate electricity from the top at it. Other than that he has his moloids to do his bidding.


Since Mole Man is part mole he cannot be anywhere near a bright light or he'll act like an idiot.