Ronan the Accuser is an enemy of the Fantastic Four which first appeared on the episode Trial By Fire. He is voiced Michael Dobson.


Ronan has blue skin covered with a green mask apart with his eyes and face. Over that, he wears a blue cloak with yellow strips all over.


Ronan was born on the planet Hala which is the capital of the Kree empire. He later became the "Sepreme Accuser of the Kree empire" .For a few weeks Ronan has been targeted Earth with probes but were destroyed by Johnny .


Ronan is very cruel and quite intelligent and would do anything to eliminate the FF, especially Johnny, since after he was banished from the Kree.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ronan wields a septer which shoots out a blast of energy and controls the collars which he puts on Johnny to stop him from using his powers. Other than, he has superhuman strength, speed and other reflexes.